Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. and Worship at 10:30 a.m.  Sunday School is
approximately 45 minutes and worship one hour.

When you arrive at Trinity, use the driveway to the large parking lot at the back
of the building. There are handicapped reserved spots on the first two rows of

As you look at the church from the parking lot, on your left is an alcove with large
glass windows and doors. That is the entrance to the sanctuary. There is another
smaller door to your right which is a short cut to the office, class rooms, nursery,
Fellowship and Founder’s Halls, and other rooms. After you've entered through
the glass doors, you’ll be greeted and given worship bulletins. If you arrive
around 10:25 a.m., you’ll hear the prelude music which usually continues until the
service begins. You will also hear the sounds of people greeting one another and
exchanging news. We are glad to be together! Around 10:30 a.m., our minister,
The Rev. Elizabeth M. Strobel, a worship assistant and the choir will gather at the
back to walk forward to begin the service. However, you’ll quickly note there are
usually several others there and you’ll be warmly greeted by several of them
along with the greeters.

Trinity people enjoy others and there are conversations, laughs, hugs and
greetings until Elizabeth and the choir walk to the front to begin the service. She
will open the service with announcements and other items of interest to the
congregation,  and then the service will begin.

The service will follow quite closely the outline given in the worship bulletin.   The
service will have hymns of praise, prayers, scripture readings, corporate
confession, message by the minister, children’s time, songs by the choir and by
the congregation and the presentation of offerings.  Often a "Minute for Mission"
is given to inform the people of additional methods of meeting needs of local and
world-wide communities.

During the service, there may be other special events, such as baptisms, music
presentations, communion, and a "passing of the peace" when we greet others
around us in the congregation.

During the presentation of our tithes and offerings, a Friendship Book will be
passed up and down each pew so everyone will have an opportunity to enter his
or her name as in attendance. You’re invited to enter your name and address as
we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to furnish you with more
information about Trinity.

At the conclusion of the worship service, Rev. Strobel will move to the rear of the
sanctuary to greet members of the congregation and guests.   You are cordially
invited and encouraged to greet Rev. Strobel.

If you wish to visit further with Rev. Strobel or any other person or committee,
you are invited to include that wish by your name in the Friendship Book.  Or,
when you meet her after the service, ask her to contact you at a time convenient
for both of you.
Trinity Presbyterian Church
1400 Sheley Road
Independence, MO  64052