Trinity Presbyterian Church
1400 Sheley Road
Independence, MO  64052

The Youth Group of Trinity have a new name....."Trinity T.I.G.E.R.S." meaning
Trinity In God's Every Ray.   We meet every other Sunday after church in
Fellowship Hall unless otherwise noted.   Please come and Join in the fun.

Computer Users:
Please continue to save your printer ink cartridges for re-cycling.   Sorry, no more
baggies -- please bring in your printer cartridges when you come to church.   There
is a box to place them in by the Session member mailbox.  Questions -- See Sondra

The sewing ladies need buttons:  
3 or a kind and color
3/4" or 7/8" diameter

For walker and wheelchair bags.   A box will be in the entryway for the buttons.
Thank you for your love and  generosity!

Your gifts of 1,986 pounds of food in 2007 provided approximately
1,615 meals to our neighbors in our own local community.  

In 2008, you gave 2,567 pounds of food that provided approximately
2,087 meal.   

In 2009, you gave 2,888  pounds for approximately 2,888 meals.

In 2010, you gave 3,216 pounds for approximately 2,572 meals.

But, thousands of our Independence neighbors go hungry everyday, so
your donations are needed at any time and they will be delivered to
Community Services.     

n 2012, you donated 2,038 food items for approximately 1,456 meals.  

Clothing, school supplies and other such non-food items are not
counted in the above figures.
For your convenience food barrels remain in the entrance room to the
sanctuary from the parking lot.
Trinity is again paying our assigned per capita
assessment of $49.07 in 2019 and asking members to
donate their own per active member.  This will help to
ease our budget.    
2002     1,503          2013     1,053
2003     1,763          2014     1,272
2004     1,648          2015     1,181
2005     2,144          2016        763
2006     2,192          2017     1,034
2007     2,154          2018     1,107
2008     2,395     
2009     1,886